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What is the Bombay Catholic Sabha?

The Bombay Catholic Sabha is an officially recognized Church Association of the Archdiocese of Bombay that works for the empowerment of the laity in Civic, Political and Social matters. It is also involved in Human Rights, Social Justice, Environment, Inter-religious and Communal Harmony issues in the city and the country. Its Vision is ‘To Create a Just Society through Involvement in Socio, Civic and Political Affairs.’ It is a registered Trust and with 56000 members it is one of the largest Christian organizations in the country that has Units in most of the Parishes in the Archdiocese of Bombay.

What are its activities?

The Bombay Catholic Sabha has played a leading role whenever Christians are under attack or their rights under threat. The Sabha spearheaded the action to protect heritage Crosses, support people of Uttan & Gorai against the Special Economic Zone, people of Sahar against Airport expansion, stood up against demands of people with political connections who harassed schools for undue favours like admissions, participated in the India against Corruption campaign and a host of other issues involving Human Rights and Social Justice. The Sabha has also organized large Public Rallies that have received good response at Azad Maidan and Shivaji Park and initiated mass agitations whenever it felt that there was injustice and brought the issues to the notice of the Government.

The bulk of Sabha activities take place through its Units. They include organizing meetings with Elected Representatives, Enrollment of Voters, promoting Government Schemes for Minorities, awarding students for Academic Excellence, Parish Help Desks catering to various needs of parishioners, Medical Camps, Inter religious meets and many such activities.

The BCS networks and collaborates with AGNI, Church in the City, Dignity Foundation, Justice and Peace Commission, Centre for Social Action, Small Christian Communities and many other NGOs and Organisations in the City and the Country.

Why become a member of the BCS?

Your membership will show that you are a part of this organization that is committed to doing front line activities to create a better society. It will give a big boost to the organization because membership counts. The strength of an organization lies in numbers. Often we liaise with various authorities and make representations on behalf of the Community. A strength of 56,000 members is not very flattering in an Archdiocese of 5.5 lakhs Catholics. Emeritus Bishop Bosco Penha who terms the activities of the Sabha as practical spirituality had said,

“It is certainly my conviction and desire that every Catholic working member of the community becomes a member of the Bombay Catholic Sabha.”

Are you a member? If not we request you to fill up the form. It is available with parish units and at the central office. It is also appended here. The life membership of the Bombay Catholic Sabha is Rs. 120/- only.