Thane Deanery Meeting - Dec 2019

The First Thane Deanery meeting 2019-2022 was held in St. Joseph church hall . More than 55 members from six Units were present.

The meeting was very vibrant with the presence of our President Adv. Raphael Dsouza, Vice President n Guardian of Thane deanery Mr. Robert Dsouza, Secretary General Mr. Vinod Noronha, Ex. Deanery Councillor Mr. Bona Misquitta n our Spiritual Director Fr. Calistus Fernandes.

The meeting started with playing of Sabha Anthem followed by the introduction of the dignitaries n all Unit Chairpersons..all were presented with a token of  gift .  the introduction continued with all unit members.

President Adv. Raphael gave a brief regarding the meeting with Nawab Malik of NCP and also about the charter of demands of our community presented to him.He strongly mentioned that we need to reach a membership count of 75000 within 3 years.He encouraged members present that they should be in touch with their elected representatives and also with the local police.

He was also happy about the issue mentioned by Gerard and assured him all support from the centre. He also mentioned that we were in the process of meeting the CM of the state and present our memorandum.

VP Robert Dsouza gave a very strong message that all units should be in touch with their respective MP, MLA, Corporators, Police Station, Ward office so that it will help in getting our work move more smoothly. He also raised an issue regarding the level crossing at Diva station where there is no FOB n people are loosing their lives. He has requested all Thane deanery Units to fight this cause.

Secretary General Mr. Vinod Noronha also gave a strong message that we need to strengthen our youth by empowering them with skills and about the skills training made available in our archdiocese.

Special thanks to Rezina Fernandes for the introduction of dignitaries.

The next deanery meeting will be held at St.   Francis Xavier kanjur Unit    end March or early April. the date will be fixed later.

The meeting ended with the Vote of thanks by Mr. Sabas Dsouza Vice Chairman followed by prayers by Fr. Calistus n lovely dinner served.

 Thanks to all those present for the Thane deanery meeting starting from the President, Vice president, Secretary General, Ex. deanery Councillor, Spiritual Director, All unit Chairpersons n all unit members.


Thane Deanery meeting dec  2019Mario Rodrigues
Thane Deanery Councillor