South Mumbai Deanery Report - Dec 2019

The First South Bombay (SOBO) Deanery meeting 2019-2022 was held in St. Stephen’s Church Hall. More than 31 members from six Units attended.

The meeting started with the Sabha prayer followed by a reading from the Bible. 

The Deanery Councillor Don Aguiar gave a brief on what is required to be focused on (the Sabha thrust areas). He welcomed and thanked all the members for attending this meeting. He encouraged members present to be in touch with their elected representatives and also with the local police so that it will help in getting their work done smoothly. He also stressed that we need to strengthen the few youth we still have in our deanery by empowering them with skills and informing them about the skills training made available in our archdiocese as well as getting them enrolled as members. 

The meeting was very vibrant. 

The house noted that SOBO is treated differently by the municipality when compared to the other parts of Mumbai and hence civic issues if any are attended quickly baring a few because of the helpfulness of our MLA’s and Co-operators. It was agreed to hold an inter faith program for the SOBO deanery as well as get the units to hold waste collection of plastic and tetra packs if it is worthwhile as the parishes are small with mostly senior citizens. Gloria Church Unit will be holding an Advent talk on 20th December at 7pm in their Church for the whole of SOBO Deanery. 

Our Malabar Hill MLA Shri Lodha who is also the State president of his party had an urgent meeting with the leader of the opposition and his high command and hence sent his representative who had a lively interaction with our members and took down the members suggestions and the assistance they required which he would pass on to Shri Lodha for action.  

Fr Theo encouraged the members to take up civic and social issues and bring it to the notice to the respective authorities for required action. He also said that it was necessary to hold an interfaith program for the deanery. He informed the members that when he was in Vikhroli parish the members regularly hosted an interfaith program and SOBO should make a start.   

VP Bento Lobo encouraged all units to be in touch with their respective MP, MLA, Co-operators, Police Station, Ward office so that it will help in getting our work move more smoothly. He also encouraged the units to take up environmental issues and start collection of waste plastics, tetra packs and EWaste. He informed the house about the Awards program on 10th December and the Sabha Day program on 23rd February and advised the units on the formats for the activities and accounts quarterly reports and said that submission should be done on time if it had to be considered for the Sabha Day Awards.

The next deanery meeting will be held end March or early April. The date and venue will be fixed later.

The meeting ended with the Vote of thanks followed by the closing prayer by Fr Theo and serving of lovely snacks and fellowship.


Don Aguiar
SOBO Deanery Councillor